Herbal Powder for Constipation

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Time to Smile Powder
Herbal Powder for Constipation
The most common disorder in present days is perhaps Constipation. Those leading an easy, sedentary life and consuming rich food are more prone to it than others. Usually chronic constipation is a result of faulty diet and life style. Intake of refined and rich foods deficient in vitamins and minerals, insufficient intake of water, intake of large quantity of meat, excessive use of strong tea and coffee, insufficient chewing, overeating and wrong habits of eating and drinking, all contribute to poor bowel functions. Other causes of constipation are faulty and irregular habit of defecation, frequent use of allopathic purgatives, weakness of abdominal muscles due to sedentary habits, lack of physical exercise, emotional stress and tension.

each 100 gm contains:

Saunff 6 gm, Badi elaichi 6 gm, Shudh Heeng 1 gm, Jeera 3 gm, Dhaniya 3 gm, Nishod 3 gm, Sanay 24 gm, Sanay 6 gm, Jangi Hare 3 gm, Nar Kachoor 3 gm, Ajmod 3 gm, Pippali 3 gm, Sendha Namak 6 gm, Saunth 6 gm, Trifalla 16 gm, Kali Mirch 3 gm, Nausdhar 3 gm, Nimbu Satt 3 gm, Kala Namak 2 gm
Time to smile is useful in:
• Constipation
• Acidity , Gastritis
• Loss of Appetite

Store in Cool, dry and dark place.
4 to 5 gm with warm water or milk at bed time or As directed by the physician.
Packaging :
Available in HDPE Bottle of 100 gm.
Special Instructions:
Keep Medicine out of Reach of Children.

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