fast acting formula for Bleeding piles

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Pilodept Capsule

Pilodept is the ayurvedic remedy for all kind of piles. Pilodept is a fast acting formula for piles and is totally free from side effects .Piles is cumbersome disease affecting both men and women equally so pilodept is an anti-inflammatory formula to treat piles . Pilodept is non-surgical option for treatment of any type of piles, it also control bleeding and help to shrink the piles more easily.
Manjuphal 60 mg, Sphaic Bhasm 60 mg , Rasonth 70 mg, Janghi Harad 70 mg, Baheda 70 mg, Amla 70 mg, Neem Chaal 60 mg, Pipli Chaal 50 mg.
About ingrediens:

Neem chaalAzadirachta indicaIt is used to treat anorexia, nausea, bleaching and intestinal worms, Stomach upset, skin ulcers , disease of the heart blood vessel .

S.NoIndian NameLatin NameUses & Properties
1ManjuphalQuercusinfectionriaIt is used in diarrhea , uterine prolapsed, rectal prolapsed., uterine prolapsed , and tighting the loose sagging tissues.
2Spahic bhasamAlumIt is used for treatment of the splenomegaly, abdominal pain , indigestion , loss of appetite and heart burn , acid reflux .
3RasonthBerberisaristataIt is used to cure uterine infections and ear aches and it is used for constipation, piles. the herb is used in stimulating sweating and intermittent fever
4Janghi haradTerminalia chebulaIt can used for liver and kidney dysfunctions and it can be also used for health , disease prevention , detoxification, dropping unwanted body fat , better skin and hair and much more .
5bahedaTerminalis bellericaIt cures the problems of eyes diseases, increases hairs , cures soreness of throat , nose problems , purifies blood, cough , heart disease, and destroy germs and used in nature and used to fight against various infections.
6AmlaEmblica offinallisIt is diuretic in nature improves the frequency and improves volume of urination because urination helps your body release unwanted salts, and uric acid , consumption of alma has a detoxifying effect on your body .
8Pipli chaalPiper longumIt is used for cleanses the blood , increases digestion , detoxify the body and increase circulation etc.

Pilodept is Useful in:
• Internal & External hemorrhoids.
• As an Adjuvant in the Management of Varicose Veins.
• Anal Fissures.
• Pregnancy- Induced Hemorrhoids.

Store in cool, dry and dark place.
As directed by the Physician.
Packing :
Available in pack of 30 capsules.
Special Instructions:
Keep Medicine out of Reach of Children.

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