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Shudh tulsi drops
It has super natural health curing qualities and helpful in all types of allergies. It gives relaxation to mind and body .It keeps away the deadly fever like dengue, malaria and swine flu etc. Tulsi drops is very effective in cough, cold acidity , and constipation, stomach pain , abdominal pain, viral or seasonal fever , swelling in lungs and hypertension ,chest congestion , fatigue , vomiting , obesity, arthritis , asthma , anemia and ulcers, . It removes the impurities in the blood and increase the immunity of human body. It is very helpful for controlling diabetes. It also have anti bacterial & and anti viral property.

Composition :
Krishna Tulsi 3.0 ml, Banjari 2.0 ml, Kala Tulshi 2.0 ml, Babui 1.0 ml, Golda Tulashi 1.0 ml.
About ingredients:

S.NoIndian NameLatin NameUses & Properties
1Krishna TulsiOcimum SanctumThe Anti Microbial properties of tulsi inhibit the growth of E. coli. This way Tulsi be the best medicine for worms and parasites. One can use it by taking fresh juice or making tea with Honey, the sweetness excites the parasites drawing them out of their hiding places
2BanjariOcimum gratissimumOcimum gratissium is an aromatic, stimulant, antispasmodic, antiseptic herb that repels insects, expels internal parasites and lowers fevers.
3Kala TulshiOcimum canumThe herb may have anti-inflammatory qualities .Basil is a potent antibacterial. Basil Ocimum sanctum is used in ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for headaches, cough and common colds.
4BabulOcimum basillcumBabul is used in the treatment of diarrhea of ordinary intensity and eczema ,conjunctives etc.
5Golda TulasiOcimum caryophyllatumIndian mythology attaches a great significance to Basil by recognizing it as a holy herb. Perhaps, such significance comes from the actual health applications of the herb. Its use is recommended as a first aid in the treatment of respiratory, digestive and skin diseases. Apart from these common ailments, Ayurveda also recognizes its use for the diseases ranging up to growths.


Available in 30 ml HDPE Bottle.
Store in cool & dry and dark place.
Take 5-10 drops of tulsi drops in 100 ml or half glass of water twice a day.
Special instructions:
1. Keep medicine out of reach of children.
2. Shake well before use.
3. Use product within one month after opening the bottle cap seal.

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