Pain‘o’relief Capsule – Herbal Joint Pain Capsule

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Pain‘o’relief Capsule
Joint Pain Capsule
Pain‘O’relief is used as solution that allows for powerful prevention & treatment of the issues with joints pain. It is a powerful combination of high potency extracts from the tested herbs, derived from nature’s flora, which provides natural anti-inflammatory response, promotes anti-oxidant joints protection, protects the cartilage thereby, maintain joint health & mobility . Pain ‘O’ relief prevents deterioration in joint and helps delay the progression of joints disorder by nourishing the tissues with vital phytonutrients. Pain‘o’relief is a Non Steroidal, Non-habit forming Natural Formula, free from untoward effects like Hyperacidity, Gastric Irritation, Nausea & Vomiting. Pain‘o’relief is available in syrup, Oil forms.
Pippali 50 mg, Sonth 50 mg, Black Pepper 50 mg, Shilajeet 20 mg, Shudh Kuchla 50 mg, Nishoth 50 mg, Rasana 70 mg, Guggul 65 mg, Godanti Bhasma20 mg, Kaisi 10 mg, Abhrak Nhasm 5 mg, Loh Bhasm 10 mg , Vang Bhasm 10 mg .
About ingrediens:

7RasanaAlpinia galngaRasna produces an expectorant action, which helps the patients to expel a cough accumulated in the lungs and air passages with ease. It also acts as a natural antimicrobial agent. It acts directly against the bacteria thus clearing up the infections completely.

S.NoIndian NameLatin NameUses & Properties
1PippalliPiperlongumIt is used as a “Rasayana” in the treatment of respiratory disorders and also as an important constituent in digestive formulations. Ayurveda uses it as an ingredient of Trikatu (three pungent herbs). Individually long pepper is used in correcting digestive disturbances and minor respiratory ailments.
2SonthZingerber officinaleSonth contains robust anti-inflammatory properties, which are capable of soothing the tense muscles, and relieving them of any soreness, pain or inflammation. And it is mainly due to the anti-inflammatory property that it possesses, Sonth works as a natural reliever of joint pains.
3Black pepperPiper nigrumBlack pepper is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, thanks to the presence of piperine in black pepper and thus helpful in swelling and tenderness of joints. Black pepper also has an analgesic action which helps in reducing pain sensation in arthritis.
4ShilajitPitch stoneShilajit is a natural remedy to cure arthritis and joint pain. Shilajit contains fulvic acid and anti inflammatory properties that helps to cure arthritis. Shilajit contains several vitamins , minerals that boost our immune system. Shilajit helps to relief from the symptoms and pain from arthritis
5Shudh kuchlaNux vomicaShudh kulcha is used for muscles weakness and and impotence, Constipation ,Appetite loss and
6NishothOperculina turpethumIt is used for reduces gastric acid secretion, acidity.Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
8GuggalCommiphoraShudh guggal is used for scraping and detoxifying qualities act to clear these toxins from the joints. Its simultaneous ability to lubricate and rejuvenate the tissues within and around the joints helps to promote strength and proper movement within these delicate spaces.
9Godanti bhasmaGypsumIt is used in the treatment of leucorrhoea, Fever due to Pitta imbalance, Chronic fever, cough, cold, asthma, anemia, chest injury, emaciation and wasting in children. It improves strength and immunity. It is used in the treatment of migraine.
10KasisIron sulphateIt is used in the treatment of eye diseases, pruritis, leucoderma, dysurea, Helminthiasis, fever, splenomegaly, primary and secondary amenorrhea. It improves strength and immunity.
11AbhrakMicaIt strengthens your body, ligaments and is useful against rheumatism and joint pain. It relieves you of the problems related to chronic hyper acidities like stomach-ache and headache.
12Loh bhasmFerrumIt increases strength, complexion and appetite. It cures diseases caused by vitiated Kapha and Pitta. It promotes digestion. Iron is useful in all chronic diseases.
13Vang bhasmstannumIt is light to digest, salt, astringent, coolant in nature, dry .Improves taste, skin complexion and intelligence, strength and immunity. It is used in the treatment of vomiting, anorexia, non healing wounds, premature ejaculation, cough, cold, bronchitis, asthma, emaciation, weight loss, and chronic bronchial diseases.

Pain‘O’relief Capsules is Useful in:
Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Cervical & Lumber Spondylosis , Gout , Frozen Shoulder, & Traumatic Inflammatory Condition Like Fiberostis , Bursitis , Capsulitis.

Available in Pack of 30 Capsules.
Store in a cool & dry and dark place .
Packing :
Also Available in pack of 100 capsules.
Special Instructions:
Keep Medicine out of Reach of Children.

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