An ayurvedic liver tonic

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Herbal liver Tonic
LIV ‘O’ dept Syrup :Complete Liver care and as a liver tonic medication, provide relief from liver disorders . Further, the syrup also helps in nourishing liver cell as well as making them healthy. The benefits provided through the offered formulation includes helping in providing relief from liver disorders, helping in regularizing Bile secretion, repairing as well as rejuvenating liver cells, improving liver detoxification, metabolism and digestion.

Each 10 ml Contains: Kutaki 50 mg, Makoy 50 mg, Pitpapra 50 mg, Rohitak 50 mg, Kasni 50 mg, Bahera 50 mg, Harad 50mg,Pipli 10mg, Bhui Amla 100mg, Yavaksar 30 mg, Chitrak 50 mg, Amla 50 mg, Punarnava 200 mg,Kalmegh 100 mg, Bhringaraj 100 mg

Liv’O’dept Syrup is Useful in:

• Supports regulation of lipid metabolism in liver.
• Regularizing secretion of bile.
• Providing repair as well as rejuvenation to liver cells.
• Helping in improving liver detoxification.
• Supports in treatment of Jaundice.
• Helps in improving metabolism.
• Supports improvement of digestion and regulation of lipids.
• Pure herbal content has no side effect

Packaging Details:

Available in 200 ml Pet bottles.


Take 5-10 ml two Twice a day or As Directed by the physician.

Storage :
Store in a cool, dry and dark place .Keep Away from direct Sun light.

Special instructions:
1. Keep medicine out of reach of children.
2. Shake well before use.
3. Use product with in one month after opening the bottle cap seal.

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