Natural treatment for Leucorrhoea

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Leukodept Capsules
Natural treatment for Leucorrhoea
Leukodept capsule has also been found to be effective in treatment of abdominal cramps during menstrual cycle and anemia. It balances the hormone levels which get disturbed during this condition. It stimulates the endometrial wall and improves uterine circulation. It acts on the mucus membrane of genital tract and improves general health of a woman. Because of its herbal nature, it acts in a natural manner and gives permanent solution to the problem of Leucorrhoea. This is a 100% natural treatment for Leucorrhoea and does not lead to any kind of side effect.
Singhara 80 mg ,Trapa Natcins 80 mg , Babul 60 mg, Jamun Beej 60 mg, Kamal Phul 60 mg, Majuphal 60 mg , Am Bheej 60 mg.
About ingredients:

7Aam BheejMangifera indicaMango seed gives amazing results in lowering blood sugar levels. They alter enzymes of the intestine and liver to reduce absorption of glucose. It also reduces body fat, weight and the waist’s circumference.

S.NoIndian NameLatin NameUses & properties
1SingharaTrapa naticnsSinghara flour is rich in potassium content and low in sodium content, which is said to help water retention in the body. Singhara atta is an excellent source of good carbohydrate and energy boosting nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorous.
2LodhraSymplocus racemosaLodhra is a very important Ayurvedic herb. It is mainly used in bleeding disorders, diarrhea and eye disorders.
3BabulAcacia ArabicBabul (Acacia Nilotica) is used by herbalists to treat fever, gonorrhea, diarrhea, diabetes, eye-watering, dysentery, excessive bleeding, blood clotting and leucorrhoea.
4Jamun beejSyzygium cuminiThe seeds of jamun are reported to be rich in flavonoids, a powerful antioxidant, that not only helps in flushing harmful free radicals from the body but also exerts a protective effect on the antioxidant enzymes. This is the reason, why the seeds are known to aid in detoxification and improve the overall functioning of the immune system as well. The seeds also contain high amounts of phenolic compounds, which are known to have powerful antioxidant activity
5Kamal phulNelumbo nuciferaLotus flowers are used to stop bleeding. Lotus seeds are used for disorders of the digestive tract, including diarrhea and flowers have been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat diarrhea.
6MajuphalQuercus in fectoriaIt is used in treatment of Bleeding, Cancer, Cough, Dysentery, Eczema, Gonorrhea, inflammation of the gums, Piles, Malaria, Nervousness, Prolepses, Vaginal tightening and rejuvenation and Wound.
8Ashoka ChaalSaraca asocaIt is very useful for the body to bring down excessive heat in the organs due to fatigue or hormonal imbalance. It helps to regulate composition and stabilize blood circulation making it optimally available to all parts of the body.

Leukodept is useful in:
Safe solution for leucorrhoea or white discharge, elimination of Menstrual Problems like Irregular Periods, Painful Menstruation and Heavy Bleeding.
Store in cool ,dry and dark place.
Available in pack of 30 Capsules.
Special Instructions:
Keep Medicine out of Reach of Children.

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