Bhringraja Capsules – For Healthy Hair

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Bhringraja Capsules
For Healthy Hair
Bhringaraj is the king of hair, this tridoshic herb that supports healthy liver function and blood quality. Hair loss is primarily due to infection of the scalp, impaired blood quality and weakening of the liver. Bhringraj supports the liver to function properly and also to keep the blood healthy and strong. A healthy liver and strong blood help reverse hair loss and discoloration at the root of the problem by helping to balance the internal fire and deliver necessary nutrients through the blood. Though bhringraj has a wide range of applications in ayurvedic medicine and is a general tonic supporting many parts of the body, it has taken a central role in many Ayurvedic formulations for hair related conditions.
Bhringraj extract (eclipta alba ) 500 mg
Bhringraja is useful in:
1. Bhringaraj work as an aid to strong, healthy hair growth and helps maintain the hair’s natural colour and lustre.
2. Encourages the Natural Growth of Healthy and abundant Hair.
3. Supports Healthy Liver Function to Keep Skin, Hair & Blood strong and healthy.
4. It is also used in treating teeth, bones, eyes, ears, memory related ailments and also skin diseases.

Dosage :
One Capsule 1-2 times a day or As directed by the physician.
Packaging :
Available in pack of 60 capsules HDPE Bottle.
Special Instructions:
1. keep away from direct sunlight
2. Keep Medicine out of Reach of Children.

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