Health Benefits of Adhrak (Ginger)

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Posted on September 13, 2018 by wpadmin

Fresh Ginger
1. Acts as an appetizer
2. Digests aam (deep-seated toxins)
3. Reduces fever
4. Reduces chilliness by increasing heat and circulation in the body
5. Eliminates nausea
6. It’s a mild laxative

Dry Ginger

1. Helps relieve joint pains from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
2. Beneficial in oedema and other swellings
3. By reducing vata, it relieves pain in back or neck
4. Stops diarrhoea
5. Helps treat some forms of IBS, abdominal pain and haemorrhoids
6. Reduces respiratory tract ailments such as a cough, hoarseness of voice, rhinitis, asthma, etc
7. Acts as an aphrodisiac

Tips for use:
Before meals – slice a little fresh ginger, add a sprinkle of rock salt and a squeeze of lemon or lime to enhance taste and nutrient absorption
• Can make a paste of dry ginger and water for local application in cases of swelling or also on sinuses and forehead in cases of cold (not for those with very sensitive skin)

Ginger should be used sparingly in summer, early fall and for anyone with vitiated pitta.